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From the ashes of numerous Windy City hardcore bands, the four members of Spitalfield converged to create a sound distinctly their own. Interested in playing something more heartfelt and sincere, founding members Mark Rose (vocals/guitar) and J.D. Romero (drums) began writing songs in 1998 that combined their alt/indie rock influences with pop emphasis and the energy and immediacy of hardcore. "While we were playing in hardcore bands full-time, our musical tastes were expanding, and we began to draw influences from bands like Texas Is The Reason and Braid, so we started the band as a side project. Its ironic that Spitalfield ended up being our full time band!" Like most young bands, Spitalfield went through several line-up changes in the early years. Dan Lowder joined the band on guitar in 2001 and the band recently welcomed T.J. Minich on bass.
Since the band's inception, they have amassed a large and devoted hometown crowd, largely thanks to their energetic, visceral live shows. From large venues to basements, they have performed with a wide range bands, from Jurassic 5 to Thursday to Hey Mercedes, Rise Against, Brand New and The Movielife to name a few. The band has toured the Midwest for years and expanded out across the U.S. in the past year, sacrificing everything for the opportunity to play in front of new fans.

Spitalfield began releasing recordings in 2000, and in 2002, The Cloak and Dagger Club EP was released on Sinister Label. It was recorded on a shoestring budget, but effectively showcases the bands songwriting prowess and versatility. The band began receiving great reviews from the likes of Maximumrocknroll and Punk Planet, and interest from larger labels followed.

In January 2003, Spitalfield signed to Victory Records, and almost immediately headed into the studio to record Remember Right Now. Working with producer Sean OKeefe (Motion City Soundtrack, Knockout, Fallout Boy) at the legendary Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin, the band was able to capture their sound accurately for the first time. What separates this record from anything we have done in the past is the amount of time we were given to make it and the opportunity to work with a great producer in an amazing studio. It was very exciting, commented Mark. We have all matured as songwriters and musicians and this record really represents where we are now. Lyrically I tried to push myself I put a lot of thought into the lyrics as they relate to each other as an album instead of just as individual songs.

The early response has been amazing, as word spreads, websites like Emotional Punk have become supporters of Spitalfield, saying, "'Remember Right Now' combines post-hardcore, indie, and melodic rock and avoids the overdone conventions of the typical, expanding upon their own style with an incredible pop sensibility." Following the June 17, 2003 release of Remember Right Now, Spitalfield will hit the road and tour non-stop.